That Which Comes From Him - Allah (SWT)

Submitted by Ebyan Mohamed

I spent a better half of my life naively thinking that I would not be one to endure hardships, that I was safe from experiencing any sort of immense difficulty. I was surrounded by people who were constantly facing adversities within their own lives, whether it be deaths, illnesses, or financial difficulties. At that time, in my 17-18 years of life, I hadn’t faced many hardships, and so I innocently thought that I was the happiest I could be. Now, almost three years later, I know that true happiness comes only from the one who created it.

I wasn’t someone who prayed consistently, and I practiced my religion, but still my iman and heart were suffering. I subconsciously always knew that I needed to better myself, that there will inevitably come a time where I will be left only with my deeds and actions in this world. Regardless, I continued on with this mindset, that this must be what true happiness feels like, the happiness of this world. Then came a time in my life, where I was suddenly at my lowest point. My whole world caved in, and I was filled with sadness, anguish, and regret. I’m naturally someone who tends to conceal my feelings. I have an “I’ll fix it on my own” mentality, so I hid what I was going through from those around me and I tried to fill this void on my own, yet I found myself only digging a deeper hole. This continued on for months until Ramadan came, and that’s when I realized that my “fix it on my own'' mentality was miniscule compared to the healing that Allah (SWT) would bless me with, because in my times alone I was left only with Allah (SWT).

Alhamdulillah that Ramadan changed my mindset and life for the better. I spent it learning to purify my heart, because ultimately the cleanliness of your heart is dictated by your connection with the maker of that heart. I relearned the importance of dhikr, and that in my remembrance of Allah (SWT) I was also strengthening my connection with him. Fast forward now and I’m still trying to strengthen that connection. Allah tests those whom he loves, and the solutions to your problems lie with him. I’m not perfect, none of us are, and even though sometimes you might feel that someone is a “better” muslim than you, it’s paramount that you don’t compare your spiritual journey to anyone else’s. Bask and focus only on the progress you’ve made within your own life.

Spending this Ramadan in a pandemic has proven to be very foreign for a lot of us, but it’s also proven that our circumstances can shift within a matter of minutes. So whether this is the Ramadan that changes you for the better or not, just remember that Allah (SWT) is the most forgiving, and he loves to forgive, so turn back to him and don’t despair of the mercy of Allah

I’m also saying all this to say, be kind to others! because you never know what someone may be dealing with, even with a smile on their face. And people may think they know what type of person you are, but when the dust settles it is only Allah (SWT) who knows your heart and true intentions.

Ramadan Mubarak and May Allah (SWT) bless you all with true happiness and the best of hearts, Ameen.

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